How to Place Ads on Google? More than 90% of internet users in Indonesia use the Google search engine to find the information they need. This is evidenced from Global Stats Counter data which shows that, Google has a market share of 96.84 percent in search engines, YANDEX RU is 1.32 percent, Yahoo is 1.07 percent, and Bing is 0.43 percent, DuckDuckGo by 0.29 percent, and Baidu by 0.02 percent.

The following data is generated: 

Based on the facts above, it makes business people aware that Google can be an effective advertising medium and has many benefits for their business. Google also provides tools that can be used to advertise and are commonly known as "Google Ads".

Through Google Ads, you can display ads in Google search results using keywords that are relevant to your business, as well as being an opportunity to get more clients. Because of that Google advertising services are very helpful in increasing company growth.

So, how do you place ads on Google Ads? Check out the explanation below, but before placing an ad on Google, there are a few things you need to prepare. Oh yes, please note, to run ads on Google you are advised to already have your own website. If not, you can try making a website. Unless you want to direct your ads to other websites (Not recommended) such as for example to the marketplace profile page, Facebook profile, and others

Things to prepare before placing an ad on Google:

1. Define Ad Objectives

The first step you need to prepare to advertise through Google Ads is to determine one clear goal. This is very important to note because a mistake that many business people make is that they do not have the purpose of advertising, and ultimately think that advertising on Google is not effective and wastes a lot of money.

The purpose of this ad, for example, is to get more phone calls to your business, increase website traffic, or encourage people to come to your store (physical location) business.

2. Decide where to advertise

Google Ads allows you to choose the location where your ad will appear, including within a certain radius of your store or spanning entire regions and countries (local or global).

Determining where to advertise aims to get the right potential clients so that your ad has good performance. For example, you target Indonesia as a place to advertise, for more details you can add the name of a city in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Pekanbaru, or Bali.

3. Keyword Research

Targeting the right keywords for your ad is one of the success factors for your business. You have to do research to find the right keywords (according to your business), as well as keywords that are widely used by your audience.

To research keywords, there are several tools for keyword research that can help you, such as Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder, or Google Suggest.

Maybe now you are confused, how to use these 3 tools? You can read the previous article about 3 easy ways to find keywords.

4. Determine Your Budget

The final step that you need to prepare before creating ads through Google Ads is to determine the cost of google ads that you will spend. The advertising budget on Google Ads is very flexible. Please determine based on the size of your business, budget availability, or your profit. Keep in mind, the more budget, the more visits, and the greater the opportunity for the number of sales.

To determine the cost budget for your business is quite easy, just determine the budget that you will spend and the ad showing time. And for the daily cost budget, it is obtained from the total budget divided by the number of ad serving times. For example, using a fee of IDR 3,000,000 for 30 days of advertising, the daily cost budget is IDR 100,000.

After preparing the 4 things above, the next step you need to do is create an ad on the official Google Ads website.

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